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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CQB: Sphenoid

It's been a while since we talked CQB.

Some men you simply have no choice: Hit 'em with a Chevy if you can.

In real-world CQB you can find that even with a dozen mags in all their proper pouches, you simply don't have time to reload that bottomfeeder after running dry, because the baddies are on you.

That's when you get close.  That's when everything is reduced to the most basic elements of reality: Life or not-Life.

Every Warrior is familiar with the sphenoid bones - the temples.  These are the thinnest and most vulnerable bones of the skull, except for the paper-thin bone behind each eye.  (Never neglect the sheer effectiveness of a good, deep eye-gouge with the thumbs...especially you gals with good thumbnails...)

Every Warrior should have at his belt (for right or left hand draw) a tool for cracking the temple of an enemy that is belt-to-belt with you who needs to go down...right now.

Anything hard will get the job done.  It doesn't take much force.  Just bust it.

FYI: There is a nicely throbbing artery in there as well.  Scramble that with a sharp pencil and the other guy's gonna have a bad time, m'kay...


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