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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Curtis: Just so we are clear...

The conversation over at WSRA on Spooner is all the evidence one truly needs to understand that the Patriot Community will never really be able to form ranks, because too many people want too many things - and many of those people would rather see the Patriot Community implode than succeed on any terms but their own.

I'm paraphrasing Curtis from another comment: Let's all meet on the Green and start chatting - it won't be long before we are beating the snot out of one another, while OpFor conducts business as usual.

Anyone who challenges that premise is simply not paying attention.

Here's another from Curtis, worth your time.



  1. I've been harping about OWS since the beginning, while everyone else was busy calling them names and feeling superior.

    Time to see past our egos, and live "any means necessary".

    As for the other note-
    No one is on the green yet, not even Curtis. This phase is important, and it is foolish to assume RevWar1 did not have its "hashing it out" phase. Disagreement does not mean disunity. You and I are a good example of that.

    If this talking phase is so irksome to some, I would point out that it is not imposed on anyone; everyone is free to act as he/she wishes.

    I will continue to babble on, debate, and discuss. It is important, it is good, it is necessary.

    Anyone impatient is free to find a green and make a stand.


    Didn't think so.

    Disagreement does not mean ranks will never be formed. It means we disagree. That's kinda incumbent and it's part of freedom. What is desired then, fascism?

    No one has to toe the line, only show up when its time.

    And it isn't time.


  2. Here is something I hope we can all agree upon: Making a public announcement about showing up on a Green in this phase of the Ruckus would end badly and advance little.

    Might I suggest: If we all take a step away from challenging one another to go to the Green, and give one another the room to act covertly...

    I have no intention of telling my readers that I have just done X, Y or Z - nor will I announce it beforehand...and I promise you I'll have an ironclad alibi when and if any Bankster is found duct taped to a courthouse door early one morning in my AO.

    Let's give each other room to act in this Sons of Liberty phase.

    Just a thought.


  3. K-

    Agree completely in all points.

    I just don't agree with the idea that the Spooner debate (and similar ones) means that unity is hopeless, or that no meaningful action is ever going to take place.

    Debate and discourse is crucial.

    The Revolution was by no means spontaneous.


  4. I must say when I read the full discourse on that Spooner thread, I think it reveals that a major chasm exists, and that many will choose to sit it out because "...it ain't my Constitution..."

    This coming Ruckus will be far less simple than Blue/Red.


  5. I can see a unity in that thread. That unity is that the status quo is impermissible. The disunity begins at why.


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