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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DOJ: Make It a Federal Crime to “Lie” on the Internet

Lie on the internet and catch a Federal Case.

The noose tightens every day.

The window of opportunity closes more every day.

There will come a moment when you will be forced to fight with no chance of survival...or you will choose to kneel beside the ditch.

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  1. Richard Downing, will argue

    Argue until the cows come home. Ridiculous.

    “The same goes for someone who uses a fake name in their Facebook profile, or sheds a few pounds in their Match.com description — both of which are forbidden by those sites’ terms of service,” Couts notes.

    If implemented, the government will not use the law to prosecute people who use fake names on Facebook, although it may use it selectively to prosecute “cyber-criminals.”

    Oh sure, we believe you........
    Sunstein proposed infiltrating “extremist groups” – the alternative media – that deviate from the official narrative on 9/11 and other government-spun fairy tales.

    Modifying the CFAA appears to be an attempt silence government critics and journalists who “lie” about 9/11 and other official narratives.

    The government may not actually prosecute people for challenging official disinformation and propaganda, but it will may use the law to intimidate journalists and editors.

    Absolutely, 100%, this is beyond the pale and must not be allowed.


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