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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FDR: Enemy of Liberty Guilty of the Murders at Pearl Harbor

Brock finds another gem - again.

It is common knowledge to students of history that America created a set of circumstances that virtually ensured Japan would strike at us, and even more egregious that there was knowledge in the White House that the attack was coming and our defenses deliberately kept low to create our casus belli.

What you are seeing today is the same chapter of the same textbook.

Enemies of Liberty in America consider FDR to be a hero.

Imagine what American history books will say of Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, President Obama, the thousands of Congressmen who have served in our lifetime...unless we create the circumstances that will permit genuine Patriots to write the next generation of history books.

America is deliberately being positioned to be murdered.  Americans are doing this, right now.  Your Countrymen.  Treason.

On our watch.

A sensei once offered this tidbit of wisdom from his own past: To tell others a thing will never do.  When your own heart asks, how will you respond?

For those who don't get it: You know the truth.  Ignoring what is happening and pretending you don't know will not absolve you in being complicit in the murder of Liberty, and the murders of millions and millions of Americans.

Your place in this world is more significant than you are currently living.  Yes, sir - I hold myself to that same standard.

Here's the story from Brock's place.


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  1. Was out of town for the last couple of days, had a conversation about this exact issue with a very nice gent from Canada.

    He understood, FDR new about Pearl Harbor, in the context of "only a few hours before they hit us because radio communication's failed."

    This entire mis-justice of history run's parallel to the Lincoln diception.

    Ignorance is the reason/cause for our struggle to hold on to this fragile Republic. History repeats itself if people refuse to learn from it. We/this country have been through this conflict a time or two. Anyone on the other side of liberty must bear witness. In the end this will pit brother against brother.

    The American experience is lost with many whom do not know our history, or refuse to learn from it.

    I hope that when the time arrives, there will be enough people willing to stand up, to sacrifice their lot and demand the duty given to us 250 years ago by a people willing to give their all, to fight for liberty.

    Regardless, I think I read somewhere..there are worse things than dying.

    Dig deep.



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