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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fortunes being made on Fear...

I do not own stock in any company (except my own).

But I watch.  There is a pattern if anyone cares to look for it.  The most recent example is the EU crisis.  Have you noticed how many times France & Germany trot out and announce that the crisis is over, there is a deal to save the Euro, or Greece, or whatever the scare tactic of the day may be, it's only hours or days away, and everyone gets ready for the Skittles?

Then what happens on this news - stock markets skyrocket on nothing but the promise of a deal.

Then what happens - the deal never happens.  Stocks plummet.

It happens again and again.  It is so effective, those pulling the strings don't even need to change the headline much for years.  How long have the markets been jumping on Euro news?  It's been at least a year.  How long can they milk it before at least changing the headline to another region of the world?  It's all the same game, slightly different details.

Make no mistake, fortunes are made every time the market goes up or down, by those who push the buttons in power centers around the world.  And the investors who do not have the same inside information?  They are eaten.  And the old folks who have their money in big funds that buy and trade on these swings...eaten.  And the genuine economy, the one in which people buy real goods and services - become perverted.

How many "scandals" has Berlusconi survived in Italy?  Yet it isn't until the Banksters see him looking toward Greece for ideas about how to tell them to suck wind...that's when they get rid of him.

It is a game.  Some are playing the game for personal enrichment.  Others play for ideological gains.  The latter are the most dangerous.  Because the ideology the pursue is enslavement of every human being on the planet, except a few of Them.

When the world gets really ugly, lead will be the new gold.

It has all happened before, and it will all happen again.


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