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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Germany marching?

General Patton formed several opinions about the Germans, the Jews, the Russians and the Muslims toward the end of World War II.

He was not fond of the Russians or the Jews.  He grudgingly evolved a respect for the German people, though of course not the Nazi's or the concept of a German-run world.

Twice in the last 100 years the People of Germany have waged wars of expansion, and twice they were stomped into the Earth.

Is Germany rising again?  The German Finance Minister has declared that the Brits will soon be forced to abandon the Pound for the Euro.  Has Germany been waging a new war of expansion using the economics of Europe to gain advantage over their neighbors and rivals?

We shall see. 

In my opinion the German psyche is pre-disposed to an authoritarian society with socialized industry and economy.  I think history supports my conclusion, even if rather simplified here.

One thing is certain: Once again there is only one power in Europe capable of matching the Germans: Russia.  Of course France and Britain have nukes...but would they use them against a dominant Germany?  Are not the masses of Brits and French equally socialistic? 

Are not the peoples of France and Britain as willing to be led as are the people of Germany pre-disposed to lead?

Look for the last powers standing in Europe to be, once again, Germany and Russia.

All of this has happened before.  Will it happen again?  So say we all...

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  1. They were stomped into the earth, but it took most of the world's superpowers to manage it.

    The price was the establishment (WW1) and entrenchment (WW2) of the USSR.


  2. Maybe the Teutonic peoples got a massive dose of oriental genes from the thousands of years of being raped and pillaged by the mongol hordes? Perhaps that is why they have obsession with authoritarian government?

    Interestingly, as I think you mentioned in a previous post, if you look at the demographic map the more German-Americans in a state, the more likely it is to be a Republican state, as opposed to Americans of other European heritage. Anglos, Swedes, Dutch, and other ancestories tend to be in democrat states.

    I think what happened is all the independent, risk-taking, freedom loving Germans left Germany in the mid-1800's and left behind all the boot-lickers. Hitler mentioned this in writing and he felt that America got the best of the German genes.

    I'm a German-american, but I had a wing tsun kung fu teacher who I learned from for a year. Most authoritarian person I ever met, teaches local police departments and military. Basically he thinks anyone who has a swat team called on them deserved it.

  3. Certainly seems like a lot of last century is popping up again. Damn, don't we learn?


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