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Sunday, November 20, 2011

How ironic would it be...

Tampa rolls out in an APC in a show of force for Occupy.

This reveals just how eager LEO is to use the military toys and training they've amassed.

I have little in common with most of the Occupy agenda that I have heard...but wouldn't it be something if a few guys like us feel the need to show up and defend a few bass-ackwards Occupy idiots against an out-of-control LEO?

For now, I'm just watching.  This world is filled with injustices and stupidity, and I am not one to wade in foolishly.

But...an APC versus a few Lefty hippies?  Really?

To all Occupy folks: Please remember that 2A works both ways, and as Curtis has told you: OC (pepperspray) is available everywhere...and no man is morally bound to endure an unnecessary ass-whippin'.

And the UC Occupy who were pepper-sprayed by the Campus Wannabe: Curtis has full identification of the useless genetic garbage with a badge & gun, here.



  1. But...an APC versus a few Lefty hippies? Really?

    Just silliness, as my mother would say. Another unbelievable.

  2. Not ironic to me.

    This is exactly what I am working toward and hoping for.

    This is what we need.

    The point is not the spear. The spear is not the point.



  3. See that red handle on the right, by the driver hatch? Fire suppression. Pull it, vehicle empties right now.

  4. AP: Now THAT is a fine piece of tactical information.

    I am familiar with the M-113 (which shows my age, I know).

    We have many recently-served members of the military in our community. I would LOVE to see a series of tactical essays on different pieces of equipment like you just offered.

    That is one aspect in our community that is really lacking right now.


  5. Agreed

    A mechanicl guide, schematics, system breakdowns the relationship of interrelated mechanisms.


  6. Before you go emptying out APCs today consider who might occupy the empty ones tomorrow.

  7. heavy pry bar to the drive sprocket would work.

  8. Back while I was dabbling in all things Marine Corps-ish, I was in a communications unit.

    When we ran our wire and cable across dirt roads, we were told to bury it very deep because the wire and cable would get tangled in the treads of tanks and amtracs...making a mess and throwing a track.

    I never saw it happen, but it must have happened at some time or they wouldn't have told us about it.

    I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin'....


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