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Monday, November 14, 2011

III in the Sheriff's Office...

Libertarians were running in 90 elections last Tuesday, mostly at the local level.

According to an email from Wes Benedict, Executive Director of the national Libertarian Party, they won 8 seats, or just under 10%.

For those of you who think SHTF will force a Balkanization and/or a return of strong States, it matters who you have in office in your AO.  In an ugly world, your Mayor may well become the highest legitimately elected politician in your AO.  The man or woman who serves as your county Sheriff is very important in a strong 10th Amendment America.  Even your school board officials matter, for legitimacy and lawfully elected officials will be calling shots in many scenarios.

Think about 2012.  Would your AO benefit if you were legitimately in office when SHTF?

Think about running in 2012 for your City Council, Mayor or Sheriff's office.

How many members of your Tribe might benefit if you are the Sheriff of your county when SHTF and the Feds begin to go heavy in your AO.

And if Sh*t never hits the fan, still imagine what you could do as Sheriff to push back against FedGov encroachments.

Yes, you can do it, if you choose to do so.

Here's a link to the press release from the Libertarian Party.



  1. My father was a city councilman for one term.

    Between never seeing him at all for that entire term, and the bullshit of the election campaigns, and the sense of constantly walking among landmines that the local paper and half of the council were just waiting to set off, there is absolutely no goddamned way I would want anyone in my life to go through that again, and absolutely no goddamned way I would ever put myself through a similar experience.

    The one good thing that came out of it is that as an ex-councilman he has a lot of contacts around and about the city. But I question the price.

    Having seen it up close, I won't do it.

  2. Rollory: That's a damned fair point.

    Even in smaller places it can be savage entering into the public light.

    Here in the DC Metro a County Council spot is worth a LOT of money in power & favors.



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