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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The "I'm going to live free..." Plan

There is a claim, too often, among our community by Patriots who insist they intend to live free until they are dead.

The words differ.  Some are merely chest-thumping.  Some believe their own words.

But the reality is this simple: You can not live as a Free man at Liberty in America today, exercising your innate, unalienable Natural Rights, without being confronted by LEO.

Sure, if you live in the mountains and stay on your own property you can get away with it for a while longer than your suburban/city Countrymen.  But even in the remote mountains, one day, the Tax Man will come for his tithe and you will pay, go to prison, or kill and go on the run, or die.

If you must travel out into the world routinely, you already know that you will limit your "living free" mantra before going into WalMart.  You will "choose" to follow most unconstitutional laws.

Your vehicle is registered, probably.  And insured, per the law of the State.  And inspected.

Oh, you live in a State that "permits" you to carry open or concealed?

What about that sweet little MP5K slung openly over your US Cavalry military-style wool sweater?  Oh...yeah...that's going to earn you a discussion with PoPo.  And they won't be in a mood to discuss a damned thing.

My point:  Do not lie to yourself and to your family and define "...living free..." as an absolute disregard of the laws, malum in se or malum prohibitum, in place by FedGov or your locals.

Because you simply are not doing it.  Neither am I.

But if we lie to ourselves, what is the point?

You see, truly living free means you will not pay those property taxes, you will not bother with a drivers license or tags on your car, you'll open carry anything you want, anywhere you want...and you'll kill anyone who challenges you.  TSA tries to put his hands on you in violation of your 4A - if you do not give him the beating of his life, you are not living Free and at Liberty.

You are not living that way.  So, you are not living Free at Liberty as intended by the Founders.  Do not lie to yourself, your children, or to us on the forums.

We need honesty more and less Ego.

I pay my taxes.  I own only the 2A that I am "permitted".  I register my car, I slow down for traffic speeding cameras.  I follow most of the rules...until I choose not to do so any longer.

Within a few days of taking that decision, I'll be on the run or dead.

If I ever take that decision, I won't be announcing it on this blog.  In fact, I'll probably pretend everything is normal, and I'll go to work in the shadows.  I'm not afraid of telling my enemies how I may choose to come at them one day...but today isn't the day.

If I ever decide to black-bag a Politician or Bankster and duct tape him to a tree, I won't claim credit...unless I'm already outed.

Study your Sons of Liberty.  Live as free as you can, until you seriously take the decision to live Free and at Liberty until they kill you...or until we win.

If you have a wife and/or children, you have more complications than do I.  But do not teach them that "Freedom" is applying for your must-issue carry permit and buying the State-aproved pistols at the gun store, and registed automobiles, and blah, blah, blah...

Tell them the truth: You are choosing to live as freely as possible, and you are choosing to abide most unconstitutional laws...until you take the decision to change course.

I will not lie and say I am living Free and at Liberty today.  I abide most of the unconstitution infringements that have been placed before me.  One day, I won't...because I have a plan.

No, I won't share my plan with you in detail, other than to say that I intend to see genuine Liberty restored in America before I die.  I intend to do my damndest to get the herd of Enemies of Liberty to STFU, leave, or face Vigilance Committees.

For those who may not be able to read between the lines: I am no suicide Operator.  That is unAmerican.  Mister Jefferson never promised me 72 Virgins...and Mrs. Kerodin wouldn't approve, anyway.

Just think about it.

Stay safe.



  1. Excellent post and right on. I guess you didn't see my last comment, so did you receive my email about the books?

  2. Both your point and message was well taken. I agree as well.

  3. If this is about what I said in several places...



    I can't possibly describe my entire philosophy each and every time I comment somewhere. Especially from a phone.

    That's why I have a blog.


    You and I largely agree. In fact, we're saying exactly the same thing.


  4. Well said brother!!

  5. Hit that nail on the head. Myself, not really giving a shit anymore, I post what I'm doing. Like I see you've done, I've "hoisted the colors". Come what will, I care not. "Live on my feet or die on my knees" and all that...


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