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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kerodin Doctrine

My goal for Restoration is simple: Return to the Constitution as ratified, and keep those Amendments beyond the Bill of Rights that are respectful of the intent of the Declaration and the Constitution.

We keep the 50 States and their current borders.

We rid ourselves of those among us who choose to actively deny the Natural Law Liberties  to their Countrymen and those who do not choose to remain faithful to the Constitution as described.

How we rid ourselves of our meddlesome and obnoxious Countrymen is to follow the blueprint constructed by the Sons of Liberty and Founders.  They may leave voluntarily, they may leave involuntarily, they may face prosecution and sentence for their sedition, treason, and willful attempts to infringe the Rights of their Countrymen.

If we do not set the big goal, we'll never reach it.  If one sets out to take Vienna, take Vienna!

But if we do not try to keep what is ours, we never will.

Willful Secession and Balkanization is suicide.  Doing nothing is suicide.

I have my plan, and I'm sticking to it until one of you convince me there is a better way.

But any plan that involves the liklihood of failure or foreign boots on CONUS is intolerable to me.  And make no mistake, your neighbors who vote Establishment R, D and everything Left of those positions will tolerate a Russian and/or Chinese leash as readily as they have accepted the American leash.

There are many ways to get the herd moving in panic, of making them choose to leave.

That is priority one.



  1. The argument of secession is moot; the several States will choose their own path to that end and there's not a thing we (patriots) can or should do about it. It is their choice to make....or not. Simply explained, it's 'self-determination': a founding principle.

    There are bigger fish to fry than to worry ourselves on the possibility that one or another State choose to leave the union.

    An aside, as one who espouses and lauds Jeffersonian principles often, it's paradoxical to read Lincolnian demands on retaining the union as a whole.

    Note on planning: All plans inherently possess the likelihood of failure.

    Consider: As one man who has his own plan, you are destined to do that which you state you will not do: subscribe to a plan that will ultimately fail. As one man, you might make a slight difference, you may even 'step off the porch' with significant impact and spectacular fireworks before you succumb, but as one man, the demand of adherence to philosophies and methodology not necessarily agreed upon by others, and that are, in fact, divisive, your goal cannot be reached. This is underscored by the fact that you are adamant in denying leadership in any way, but simultaneously attempt influence (which some would argue is a very efficient form of leadership).

    If we all focus on one goal, and one goal only: Restoration of Constitutional government, the details will sort themselves out. Details such as to stay or not in the union. Details such as the 'enemies of Liberty' leaving or being tried by a constitutional judiciary for crimes agsint the Constitution.

    All of these things will occur once we restore the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land over 50 States or 30 States. Those states who remain will band together for their mutual self-interest.

    How our restorative goal will be initiated and finally realaized is yet not known, least of all by me, but I do believe, sadly, that it will only come about after a very ugly, bloody, protracted fight.

    I only hope and pray that I along with you and others can make a meaningful contribution to that goal, however small they may be.

  2. Hi Trainer: As I have said in most comments and posts on this topic: I am in agreement with the Right to secede, but I prefer a political solution that will keep us together - that is not Lincoln, as he fought to keep us together. I am true to Jefferson on this point.

    I would not force the Union. I think secession is suicide for the concept of Liberty, but if people want to commit suicide, that is their choice.

    On Planning: You are correct, I am committed to a plan that likely will not work - the eviction of Enemies of Liberty from our midst. But since every other plan I have seen is destined for certain failure, I prefer to stand on the Principle of fighting for Liberty.

    If I am to fail and die as a result, let it be for that cause.

    I'd really appreciate anyone with a better plan to come forward and lay it out. I'd like to have more hope than I do now that Jefferson's Liberty is not gasping its final breaths in the chests of a few patriotic Americans.

    You say: All of these things will occur once we restore the Constitution...




  3. Kerodin - The 'how' follows the prime objective: Restoration of Constitutional government.

    Logically, when the Constitution is restored again as the Supreme Law of the Land, all laws repugnant to it will be logically held as 'null and void' with no duty to comply. It would then follow that anyone attempting to enforce such a law would themselves be, in fact, commiting a criminal violation of the Constitution, and therefore be outside the protection restored American jurisprudence. This, I believe, is where one might see the resurgence of 'tar and feathers' and other evidences of social dissatisfaction with so-called 'public servants'.

    It would also then follow that the vast 'entitlement apparatus' would be dissembled because the supporting mechanisms would no longer be funded by governmental diktat.

    An example that comes to mind is the IRS. A constitutionally bound government would not be able to increase its revenues save by those methods stipulated; the 16th Amendment would only apply to entities it was meant to apply to, and not the compensation provided to individuals for a trade in labor or skill, as currently interpreted by the legal community as 'profit', Black's Law definitions not withstanding.

    Extrapolating further, the reintroduction of the Bill of Rights as written in plain language would relegate the constitutionally limited government to basically securing the borders, delivering the mail, and providing for national defense.

    The timetable for these and many other facets of constitutionally limited government would be determined by circumstance and necessity, though I don't believe it would be done very quickly, as people long addicted to the 'milk' of the public teat would have some 'DT's' to go through.

    If we stay on target and simply require constitutional restoration, specifically, a government operating within the confines of the Constitution as ratified in 1789 and amended by the Bill of Rights in 1791, the things you speak of will follow....especially as understanding of how literal generations of American citizens have been raped of their birth right.

    Constitutional restoration is THE cornerstone of all other facets of Liberty as envisioned and hoped for....

  4. The "how" I meant is...how do we get to Restoration?

    Once we get there, most of our problems fade to nothing, I agree.

    But getting there, to Restoration, is a destination without a roadmap, at least from everything I've seen.

    Voting won't do it. Civil unrest won't do it.

    The civil unrest being sought by the Occupy crowds will lead us away from our goal.

    If 10 Patriots in every major Metro suddenly began Sons of Liberty activities, it would lead to civil unrest, at best...probably a crackdown that leads to serious war.

    Denninger has called for everyone to sit on their hands and starve the beast - which is something I don't see anyone willing to do.

    If economic implosion is the catalyst needed, we may be days, months or years from that catalyst, with every day between finding Big Brother getting stronger and faster and better...and the outcome going our way in the face of full economic collapse is far from certain.

    If full-scale hot war turns out to be the only remedy, for what are we waiting?

    Any ideas on how we get to Restoration?


  5. Have you read Boston T Party's book Hologram of Liberty? The first time I read it, I had the feeling I was reading pure heresy. Of course back then I was thoroughly imbued with a lifetime of programmed Constitution worship, and it was tough to face some cold hard facts about how the Constitution came into being, and learning that many of the Framers were not the Holy Saints I had been brought up to believe they were. In short, the Constitution is greivously flawed, and worse it was MEANT to be thus. Basically it was a slow dissolving tyranny pill whose effects we are feeling in full now in the 21st century. At the very least, the document failed to prevent the growth of Leviathan which was its advertised purpose. I can't get behind any so called Constitutional restoration because I feel that we have already covered that ground and the crop it has yielded is the most perfect tyranny the world has ever known. I know I will be flamed by those who still worship the parchment, but I don't give a warm bucket of spit. My allegiance is to Liberty for me and mine, and nothing more.

    Respectfully, Tony Middleton - aka GunRights4US


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