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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kerodin.com: Restoration A, B, C...

Everyone in our community recites the problems in America, ad nauseum.

What about solutions?

Don't bother me with secession - it is suicide.  If you secede you are sentencing your children to death.  You do not win wars by contraction, withdrawl, retreat.

That is not victory.

Restoration is as easy as ABC, and it requires nothing more than serious men and women who defend the ground beneath their feet and their immediate surroundings against those who mean to be Masters (and lazy genetic garbage).

If you don't like my plan, or don't think it will work, good for you.  But until I hear serious alternatives, we are all just circle-jerking.  Bitching and whining about the problems is necessary - but it has to stop one day and Patriots need to go to work.

Serious work.

Here's the column.



  1. Its in the air like some kind of weird energy .My job (yeah im still lucky enough to have one)takes me all over the country. People are pissed off and they have good reason to be.It seems nobody in Washington is in touch with reality.Obama mania has about run out of steam with everyone but the hollywood fruitcakes and thier kind.All real Americans who love this country are about damn sick and tired of seeing it turned into some kind of greasy mulatto cesspool of debauchery.Tax this tax that !I guess they never heard the phrase .You cant get blood out of a stone.A three county area where I live recently posted these numbers 19%unemployment overall with a36%unemployment for manufacturing jobs!I recently heard one of the bobbleheads in the mainstream whore media say the reason for most home foreclosures was folks buying houses they couldnt afford .BULLSHIT! they just cant seem to get it thru thier thick skulls this goes hand in hand with NO JOB! no work no mortgage payment.The middle class working folks of this country(and keep in mind these are the ones who fight all thier fuckin wars for them )have been backed into a corner with no place to go except forward.These next several months will determine the future of the United States of America.I hope and pray somewhere miraculously true leaders with guts and belief in our country its history,its people,and its future will emerge,and provide some real leadership.

  2. Figuring out the neighbors can be difficult. Even the ones that have a job could go to the polls to vote for more freebies to be redistributed. They don't all have Obama bumper stickers.

  3. Voter rolls are public - and people are registed to a party or Independent...


  4. "...would you know how to make your worst neighbor choose to leave the neighborhood?"

    I shot (wounded) one of two Rotts (owned by a neighbor) which attacked me on my property.

    The neighbor moved a year later.

    This method is effective...


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