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Monday, November 21, 2011

la Terreur

Many of you are far better versed in the details of the French Revolution than am I.

This post is about the Reign of Terror: Not the personalities and forces involved in France, but the larger concept of people unleashing their inhibitions and taking the decision to be rid of their enemies by any means necessary.  I'm not looking for an education about the motivations of the various factions in France - I am specifically looking at the methodology employed in the Reign of Terror.

Any student of American history must be aware that we are not above such total war.

I contend that we are fewer than 3-5 years from conditions in this country that will include the same fundamental methodology of the Reign of Terror.

I know many of you dislike the use of Left and Right concepts, but it is an effective tool of language that helps us all understand the conversation.

The political Left in this country, in which I include the Establishment Right (for the Establishment Right has zero interest in the Constitution), is quicker to violence and mob behaviors than is the political Right (in which I include genuine American Patriots and Constitutionalists...even those folks who mock the Constitution but who hold personal Liberty in the highest regard).

It is the political Left that is quicker to turn to violence in America.  This is not news to any Patriot.  I believe that the Masters of the political Left believe that the time to finish off the Patriot Class is at hand.  We watch Occupy and we see the hand of puppet masters with hardcore socialist and communist goals.  We watch these Left mobs guided to violence, and we have seen them arrive at the homes of political enemies.

How long before that threshold of violence upon their political enemies comes to pass?

I say you will see that political violence from the Useful Idiots of the Left in the late Spring & through the entire Summer of 2012.

I contend that the methodology used by the French in the Reign of Terror is a tool that the political Left in America is prepared to unleash.

This topic deserves more than a simple post at this blog.  It deserves a column at Kerodin.com, and I would hope that those of you who write your own blogs, and those who read and comment would give some serious mental energy to this topic with me.

I see the Occupy and LEO theater today as nothing more than a test run, the same sort of practice our best Commandos engage in before a live raid.  Test, assess, tweak and get ready for the real deal.

I see Occupy raising the levels of violence in the spring and summer...and I see the liklihood that their Masters will encourage and support a full-throated deployment of Reign of Terror tactics through the November elections.

I am convinced that the Enemies of Liberty believe that the time has come to effect the coup de grace and be rid of us, we remnants of serious Constitutional and Personal Liberty respect.  I see mobs on the lawns of Patriots.  I see Patriots dragged from homes and beaten.  I see escalation to burning of homes, of destruction of "Patriotic" businesses.  I see well-resourced and supported Useful Idiots turned loose to be rid of the last vestiges of Jeffersonian Principles.

I may be wrong.  But I offer my observations as a man who has lived in the DC area my entire life, moving in and out of political circles over the years.  I offer my predictions from the perspective of a man who has spent much of his adult life studying and engaging in real conflict.  I offer my warnings as a man who has a wife to protect, a republic I wish to see restored.

Look for signs that the Left is beginning to unleash Hell.

Be prepared to respond...and to prevail.

I have no desire for violence.

I see that the Enemies of Liberty are intent on violence.

I implore you to be ready to be uglier than even you think you are capable.  When it gets real, there are no rules.  You will have to be uglier.  You will have to be smarter.  You will have to be willing to survive and prevail, by any means necessary.

The choice is theirs.  Violence must be their decision.

If they choose violence, be ready to shove it down their throats.

I may not live - but I will die a Free man at Liberty.  That may be the best victory for which I can hope.  So be it.

More on this later.


Update: Consider this from Brock's place this evening.



  1. Coincidental. Today PM.

    What About the French Revolution?

  2. I have also thought heavily of the French Revolution. To the person who knows history, the path of these Occupy people is obvious. The only difference between then and now is that the elites of today are just as much puppets as the drones on the streets are. Proof of this can be seen in the undemocratic placement of two prime ministers in Italy and Greece.

    The new Reign of Terror will be just a means to an end. After the violence has gone on for long enough, the masters will come out of the shadows, kill the useful idiots (the same way Vladmir Lenin killed most of the original Bolsheviks and the way Josef Stalin killed most of Vladmir Lenin's circle) and convince people trade what little liberties are left in exchange for security.

  3. I had a comment, but a computer faux pas erased it. Argh.

    Nice post.

    Email inbound.


  4. God forbid we experience anything like that here, but it seems to grow more possible by the day. If this truly is a globally orchestrated set of conditions, I would expect they will keep Europe propped up until spring, then let it collapse as the occupy movement rises again. Gasoline on the fire. Look out.

  5. I for one am most tired.

    Bring it on.

    God, please, bring it on. I'm ready.

    My torture is in the waiting. I wish to wait and prepare no more.

    Please God, deliver them unto me.

  6. Oh, yes, I heartily agree, we just differ on the timeline.

    Let’s look at page 130 of Horsemen of the Red Hand [Book 2 of the Operation SERF trilogy]:

    “The Americans will be very violent in the short term,” said Mond. “Once they’ve let loose their repressed anger, they will revel in their wrath. They will enjoy what they think is freedom for the first time in their lives. They will light the flames and dance around the bonfire of their own self-destruction. It will take much to satisfy their bloodlust and vast areas across North America will be extremely dangerous. But unlike Africa, this continent won’t lose its entire industrial base, nor will they forget how to generate electricity. However, it will be greatly and permanently reduced. Although not all of the towns and cities will go completely dark, the people formerly known as Americans will lack all sense of unity or national purpose. No single leader will arise again who can fix what we’ve broken today and give these people a sense of direction in the future.

    “I have every confidence that the new American warlords who arise out of the ash and rubble by this time next year will yearn again for some of the conveniences they once had before today. Some of these new leaders will intuitively understand the need for a modicum of social stability. They may be cooperative with us and could be included in our later planning. A precious few among them may even perceive the greater benefits of our universal goals. They may become a conscious and active part of our holistic management.

    “Aside from a few unique individuals, I can assure you the majority of the new leaders among the future warlords will just want to ensure their own comforts and luxuries in life. But, even those self-centered men can understand the need for order which maintains an acceptable standard of life within their greatly diminished local economies. Of course, one independent variable of economics that all men seek to control is predictability. Because we can structure the future, we can predict outcomes. Because all those new warlords will need predictability, they will need our insight. This will make them dependent on us. And because of their dependence, we can control them. In the new world order the warlords will become the servants to the technocrats. We will sort out which ones are most useful to us and who should remain standing in the end.”


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