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Monday, November 28, 2011

Kerodin Lawsuit: ServiceMagic, Market Hardware, & Market Hardware's CEO Brian Kraff 

I promised to keep you updated as our lawsuit progressed.  (Yes, I am bumping this post from time to time for my own reasons)

It has now been accepted for trial in Federal Court.

We have filed this lawsuit against ServiceMagic, Inc., their subsidiary Market Hardware, Inc., and Market Hardware's CEO Brian Kraff for several causes of action, including Cybersquatting, Service Mark Infringement, False Designations of Origin and False Descriptions, Dilution, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, Unfair Competition and Passing Off.

We decided to file Pro Se (without a lawyer) to get the action started, and I am proud to announce that my wife wrote every word in the Complaint submitted.  We will bring a serious law firm into the procedure when appropriate.

While this is not the proper forum for a detailed discussion of the case, I did promise to keep you all informed about this fight against major corporations that have chosen to attack the little guy...and gal.

Patriots fight.

We have posted the entire complaint, though it is long.  You can get the gist of the piracy/theft aspects of the complaint at paragraphs 54 & 55.

The page takes a few moments to load - it is long.

We'll keep you in the loop as events warrant.

Here is the link: http://www.kerodin-lawsuit-against-bad-faith-businesses.com

More is at Kerodin.com, here.

Yours in Liberty.  Fight injustice wherever it finds you.

The Kerodins



  1. Mucho info in the filing.

    This will be very hard for them to wiggle out, especially with a jury.

    The request for advertising in the relief is worth it's weight in gold. That was good.

    Good luck on this. These sum-bitches are gonna fight dirty now.

  2. Thanks Rich. My wife did a damn good job, in my humble opinion.

    We won't under-estimate them, but the stakes are high and the damages severe.

    Thanks for taking the time to read it.


  3. Our prayers are with you.

    I just do not have any faith in the court system,especially when most judges feel that they can include/exclude most anything they want, and give the juries false instructions that will make the decision fall to whomever has the judge in their pocket.


  4. Thank you, Bob. We actually drew a very good Judge, and we are very, very eager for Discovery, Open Court and the media to pick up all the details. ;)


  5. IT is about time someone suied Service Magic. I am a former employee and was fired by them for being ethical. They continue to get away with selling leads that many consumers are just surfing the internet, telling their employees and service profesionals they are qualified leads. They don't pre-qualify their leads. They can't they are too big and busy ripping professionals off by charging them for leads that do not exist. Good luck with your lawsuit.


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