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Monday, November 28, 2011

Meet Cornel West

Patriots: Meet Cornel West.  This genetic garbage is a Harvard graduate, a professor, and dedicated Socialist.

He said this recently: Professor West didn't just call for a another war on poverty (the first war was fought by Lyndon B. Johnson), but went on to say that the push for more entitlements "is going to be fought in the streets." West showered the Occupy movement with praise for making people aware of the issue.

You do understand where he will be and what fires he will be stoking next spring & summer, don't you?

This man may have been born here, but he is not an American.

We have a lot of such people in this country today.

There will be a hot war in 2012, and it will be caused by people such as Cornel West and people like me who refuse to live in his version of America.

I have found that most "Patriots" prefer to distance themselves from me, because I am willing to take unAmerican people by the ear, kick them in the pants, and make them leave.

That's mean of me.

But that's where I am headed - because these bastards have far worse in store for me and my wife.

Here's the story on Cornel West.  Identify these people, Patriots.

They are Enemies of Liberty, and they will unleash Hell upon you...soon.



  1. His kind need to stumble into traffic.

  2. "I have found that most "Patriots" prefer to distance themselves from me..."

    Really? I find it odd considering how freaking interesting your blog has become. Perhaps its more they are distancing themselves from the guys in that gold SUV stalking your home, just out of sheer habit not reason.

    Back on point, of course that pos is making co-existence impossible. Its the center piece of their strategy to do so.

  3. Thanks, Rhodes. I'm glad you are finding the content here worthwhile.

    We've had several episodes of drive-by surveillance recently. I keep so many people interested in me. ;)

    You're right - they have no desire to coexist - they want us gone...and they are willing to do the work.

    Stay safe.



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