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Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet Leo Gerard

If you read the writings or listen to the words of many of the slickest Enemies of Liberty, it sure does sound like they might just share many of your values.

Until you get to methodology and the truth.

The Enemies of Liberty are individuals, not corporations or Governments. 

Corporations and Governments are made up of individuals who choose to be there, who choose take the actions they take.

They choose to be Enemies of Liberty.

Armies are made up of individuals.  The FSA is a mob of parasitic genetic waste with no Right to be among Americans.  The FSA is led by Enemies of Liberty who point their Useful Idiots to battles in this larger war.

FreeFor is also nothing but a loose grouping of individuals.

Leo Gerard runs the United Steelworkers Union.  He is at the center of great resources being unleashed in this war against Liberty.

Here is an article about him.

Here is a blog post written by the man himself.

You, Patriot, must take your own decision.  But you must understand that the Unions, the Corporations, the banks, the Governments in our lives are not the enemy.

Each of those entities function because of the work of many, many individuals who advance the goals of the group.

Focus on the individual Enemies of Liberty in your AO.  One man with a hammer and the will to use it can de-construct the largest building in the world, all by himself...if he is willing to do the work, one brick at a time.


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