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Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Traitor should die comfortably in old age...

Benedict Arnold

No American looks in the mirror and considers himself to be a Traitor.

Very few consider themselves to be Traitors to the Constitution.  Most simply choose to define and interpret the Constitution and our Founding Principles in such manners as to support their agenda.

It is most often the judgment of other people that assigns the title of Traitor.

As readers here and at Kerodin.com know, I read Article III Section III and make the case that we can morally assign the title of Traitor to even Establishment R's and those who support them and empower them in office.

Treason is the deliberate attempt to overthrow the Constitutional Republic as ratified by our Founders in the Constitution.

Our Political Class has no affinity for the principles of the Constitution.  They twist the words to achieve their own agenda and to earn the votes of people who want Government to "do things" that it is expressly forbidden.

How is using the force of Government to do unconstitutional acts anything but the subversion of the republic, and tyranny?

Treason is an easy case to make, if one simply chooses to apply Common Sense.

Today our nation is filled with Traitors to the Constitution, and to the ideal of Jeffersonian Liberty.  I have no problem with any person who does not like or wish to live under the rules of our Constitutional society.  But you have no Right to undermine it and be rid of it simply because you want another form of Governance. 

My Right to the Constitution, as ratified, trumps your Right to murder it. 

If you want Socialism, go to a socialist country and live there.  If you love Communism, go to a country that embraces your ideals. 

Being born in America does not permit you to strive to rip from me the Rights articulated in the Constitution.  My Natural Rights, as recognized and articulated in the Constitution are my birthright.

Warning to those who want anything less than Jeffersonian Liberty: I embrace the Constitution as ratified, and I will defend it.  You are free to leave.  You are free to STFU and let me live as my Founders intended.  And as a human being with Free Will, you may continue to seek the overthrow of the Constitution as ratified and intended.

I am free to defend myself against any individual who attempts to deprive me of my Natural Rights.

No Traitor or Tyrant should ever die at peace and comfort in old age, surrounded by family and friends.

Use that information as you will.



  1. Now, you know I agree with you for the most part here.

    I just want to point out that if traitors win, they are no longer considered traitors, but heroes. Like our founders, for example.

    If liberty is killed here, those who do it will be considered "right" by most of our posterity.

    The point I'm trying to make is that those who fight for liberty will be forever branded traitors by those whose goals are the opposite...unless we win.



  2. That's a fact.

    The victor always writes the history books.



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