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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Occupy Idiot...not very Useful, I suspect

Whatever your thoughts on 9/11 (Jihad attack/False Flag/et cetera) there one thing upon which I think all Patriots would agree: Those responsible should be executed.

One guy at an Occupy has a different opinion.

No single person defines a Movement.  But there are many single persons that Movements should evict from their ranks...unless they agree.

I saw Tea Partiers police themselves, to be certain that the wrong sort of folks did not move into the sphere.  Not many racists were tolerated, and they finally stopped trying to muscle their way into the Tea Party.

Occupy should do the same if they hope to have any legitimacy.

Here is the link from Jihad Watch.



  1. Yeah, I agree. Idiot.

    Someone has to get Occupy unified and on track, or it will fade into a laughingstock.

    Who gets it on track will be crucial.


  2. Socialists and Jihadists have quite a bit of history together in the 20th century.


  3. Just a quick ad hoc summary on this not a dissertation:

    From my angle that I am seeing sans the booboisie tube, there are certainly people within the various OWS/Occupy who sincerely just want to make a change for the better. And there are a lot of people who want to close down the fed banks and put proper regulations on the big banks such as BofA and reign in the government (are we hearing about them?). And of course, there is everything else to the left from, "ill go along", to the soft core and hardcore. There are a few leftist ideological groups such as AFL-CIO, while they may have control amongst themselves, they are not in control of various OWS/Occupy groups as a whole.

    So far, I have accumulated about 65 different groups within OWS/Occupy (remember, OWS/Occupy is not a single entity), and there are a whole lot more.

    While some of these groups call for aid to one another within reasonable distance, it is more of a plea to individuals to take action with blankets, food and such. Their is no organization to it. It is ad hoc. (hey, we really wish someone would bring blankets pretty please. They took our generators, what are we going to do).

    They do try to get proper permits. If they can't, they sometimes ignore it.

    They are all keeping each other informed about what is happening in their various groups spread around the country. Basically, all these individual groups act as nothing more than "news sources" for each other. There is no "grand strategy" between most of them. (hey over there, we are doing this over here. The cops beat us over here without provocation).

    There is some bickering (disagreements) going on between these various groups and within themselves about many things... like trying to set up a financial entity within various "organizations" and individually. Won't work. To many competing interests and ego's.

    There is a call throughout these various groups trying to get the people in their area to police themselves from the anarchists and provocateurs. The problem is, OWS has no higher authority called command and control. There are just all these groups calling themselves OWS and Occupy and etc. ... and these individual groups have no real leadership within themselves on the people protesting ... although they may want to think they do. (Hey, we're have a gathering here come if you wish. Speak out over here. Yoga 2 PM in the park)

    While a lot of these various groups admit that there are individual people or groups of people causing problems, I am also seeing a lot of discrepancies between what the media and cops are saying and what a lot of individual protesters and groups are saying happened in a lot of incidents. For certain, there is a lot of propaganda going on, unfortunately, we all know the media to well. It also goes without saying that the "law and order faux republicans" AND various people in the government are/have going to capitalize on the propaganda as the acts of vandalism are random and individual(s) not supported as a whole.

    This is more of a spontaneous ad hoc uprising than an organized protest. In other words, it is a smorgasbord mob of various entities and peoples of all political stripes, that despite what their differences may be, think they are coming together for a "common cause".

    This all could all work if there were a dedicated command structure and all the various groups had one ideological ground. There is no structure. There is no one voice. If all shared a single goal ideologically and discipline, I see potential for military/political structure. But it is not going to happen. To many "free spirits" and ego's despite the pat on the backs. Is it possible that next year we could see a leading command structure. Yes, but I doubt it.


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