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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy message: I don't want to pay my student loans back...

These folks are all over the Occupy scene, and they are demanding that the Government forgive their outstanding college loans.

What does that tell you about the nature of the person making such demands?

Yes, this is our next generation of politicians.

Can you see where they want to drive the bus?

Here is their site.



  1. Little children playing in their sandbox.

  2. The first thing to learn, is that talking a loan for an college/university education is not very wise. The game is rigged from the start.

    Though it might take longer, work your way through school.

    Don't take such nonsense such as Lesbian studies.



  3. Someone show me why a youngster should pursue higher education..please show me a reason to do so.I am 47 years old flirted with college for short stint did not work out, moved on to playing music in a rock band for a few years didn't work out.

    Came to the realization that I might need to find a way to make a living in a field that matched my apptitude wahlaa.. A trade.. blasphemy. Offer that as a solution to the OWS crowd see what the reaction is. The way I see it if we want to get back to our founding principles it will take more than just the precips of the constitution or bill of rights or any other written word. To be honest, not sure it can be done because we have raised generations of soft handed, narrow minded, intellectual eunichs.

    Higher education is not the only answer, get your kids interested in what interests them not you. Been in the trades 25 years have moved out of the field and enjoy gainful employment at $75000 plus a year. It did not come at 25 years old or 35 years old but it came after sticking with something that is useful to society and interests me.

    Folks if you are a parent help your kids find what they enjoy and might just be useful to society... pre shtf or post shtf.

    Just a lowly blue collar slugs opinion.

  4. Ya know, a few years ago, our oldest son graduated with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. It took him a little longer than the average student, 'cause he worked full time while in school. No student loans. Didn't live in dorms. Didn't live at home.

    How strange is that.

    He is now gainfully employed in the field that his education prepared him for.


  5. It's called a job, it's called work, it's called contributing. If you can't do that, shut the fuck up! My family was poor. I never went to college. I joined the Air Force right out of high school and got an education in electronics.

    I got a job at Cape Canaveral during the Apollo Project, doing what I did in the service. I got laid off and took a job as a diver at an oceanarium. After that, I worked delivering propane gas, working for an electrical utility, delivering newspapers, and selling used cars.

    Finally, I got a job with a big electronic company, inking PC boards. I worked my way up to working on the pagers and radios, then calibration in the test lab, and finally computers in IT. I finally landed a job as a network engineer, and retired after 24 years with a decent pension.

    I'm no rocket scientist, but I worked hard and honestly since I was 14, and I didn't complain when the chips were down. And the people who are bitching right now make me want to puke. I'm not going to take care of you if you don't care about taking care of yourself. Get a fucking life! No one is going to give you one - and you're not going to take part of mine.

  6. So rather than killing the beast (government sponsored student loans) by bankrupting it you think we should continue to feed it? For how long? Should there be free market price discovery in education? Do you think federal student loans allow for that?

    If it wasn't for government money in education we wouldn't have so many degrees of questionable value.

    If OWS and conservatives could work together on this there is a chance of changing things. If that doesn't happen we will just continue with the false dichotomy till we are all enslaved one way or another.

    Get the Government out of the student loan business by any means necessary.

  7. I went into the HVAC field at 18, and it has opened many doors for me. I could have gone to college with the money I was making, even at 18.

    I chose not to bother. I have never regreted that decision. I put my energy into the trade and became very good at it, and I was earning more than college grads by the time I was 20.

    We won't discuss the benefits of understanding fluid dynamics, electronics, electricity, combustion, and all the other knowledge that one must master to become a top tech.

    I owe my uncle for the advice to go into the HVAC field. His advice was simple: Learn a skill that will put food on the table no matter how rough times may get. Then you can go and experiment with anything you want.

    It worked for me.

    My income permitted me to get into the martial arts, travel the country, and explore many of my whims. Some worked out better than others, but I can go anywhere in the country and earn a darn good paycheck, if I have to do it.

    Get a skill, then you can do anything you choose...


  8. "We won't discuss the benefits of understanding fluid dynamics, electronics, electricity, combustion, and all the other knowledge that one must master to become a top tech".

    Bingo! Nice Kerodin, but careful you might confuse them educated folk. The trades involve much more than manual labor and knuckle draggin (course you gotta do some of that to get to the next level.) If an individual wishes to put the effort into it educating themselves...( hell folks the internet provides one with no excuse for not educating themselves) than that individual cannot not succeed!

    Want to get back to founding principles? Do it with your mind and hands. This country werrnt built on one a them there fancy computers ya know;)


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