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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Of Knives at a Gun Fight

Generally speaking the old adage is true: Don't bring only a knife to a gun fight.

But you'd better understand that there are many serious Warriors out there who are better armed with a blade than many men armed with a boomstick.

Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant.

You dismiss this reality at your peril.

Work on your blade skills.

One more bit of reality: In many gunfights the enemy is on you in speed and numbers that you do not have time to reload that bottomfeeder.  That's when it gets wet.  That's what separates the living from the dead. 

...and there are many Warriors who have spent many years of our lives closing the gap to make your 1911 irrelevant in a fight.

Use this information as you will, gunfighters.



  1. Funny you should bring it up.

    I just started revisiting blade skills.

    I'm not much with a knife.

    But something told me...

  2. Alan: Just get close and get it deep into a vital spot, then twist. The hardest part for you is likely going to be: You are an imposing figure, and most men will be extra wary of getting too close.

    It's easier for guys like me - I'm much smaller and don't look like a tough guy at all. They let me close, quick...

    Good luck!


  3. I always figured that a handgun and a quality knife go hand in hand.

  4. For those that are intereste and really wish to either build a foundation of edged weapon skills or hone those they may already have, check out Paul Vunak's series on knife fighting.

    They work. It's good training, especially if you don't have a serious instructor resource near you...you can find them just about anywhere....

    Vunak's teaching will apply to small or large blades and even the combat hawk....

    Just sayin'


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