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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outlaw Patriot: Alan Mullenax

I am proud to have just spoken with one of our most serious Patriots, Alan Mullenax.

We spoke for about 90 minutes about our community, the challenges before us, and our determination to see Liberty restored.

He and I look with hope toward TL and the PatriotCon.  This must be an event that declares to the world that serious men and women will meet on the Green, with weapons slung and Go Bags in place.

We do not need to say a word.

We need to muster and stand our ground.  We do not need speeches.  We do not need chest-thumping.  We need serious Patriots with kits to behave like the militia our Founders knew would be necessary.

And we need Leaders.  We need Patriots who will take point, and take what the Enemies of Liberty throw at us.

Please, my fellow Patriots, do not let TL's PatriotCon devolve into a weak shadow of Occupy or Tea Party.

Let this be our Green.  Let this be where thousands of American Minutemen stand with full gear and look into the eyes of the Enemies of Liberty and declare with our silence that their days of enslaving Americans have ended.

Here is the Meet-up site for TL.

Let's do this.

Yes, LEO will be there.  Yes, our enemies will know our names.  Yes, this is dangerous.

Yes, Liberty requires defiance to Tyrants.

Come get some.


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