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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pat Buchanan: Return of the War Party

PJB's latest column reminds us that both Mitt & Newt have publicly stated that war with Iran is on their agenda.

He calls his latest column the Return of the War Party, and I know it is not lost on Mr. Buchanan that our current administration is even more Hawkish than was that of GWB of 2000-2008.

The American Empire is an unconscienable and repugnant bastardization of what our Founders envisioned.

There is no reason for a single American in uniform to be stationed beyond our 50 States.

There is no reason for a single American in uniform to die or be blown into pieces by an IED.

Here's PJB's latest.



  1. Mr Buchanan is 100% correct;

    "Iran could retaliate by cutting off oil exports and mining the Strait of Hormuz, tripling the world price of oil, and hurling the European Union and United States into recession". Or much worse.

    Take a moment and check this website out it mirrors Pat's thought about the oil side of things.

    Could not agree more with Pat spot On!!


  2. I spent 4 years on active duty in the Marine Corps. Looking back, I see how the professional political class so expertly exploits the "patriotism" of youth. 25 years later, I understand what real patriotism looks like, and it has nothing to do with fighting wars to enrich a few or on behalf of other nations.

    It's easy to wave a flag and march off and do as you are told. Much harder to speak the truth. Truth is treason in the kingdom of lies, right...

    Let them fight their own wars. Let them consume one another and spend their blood and treasure on their folly.


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