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Sunday, November 27, 2011

PJB: It can't happen here!

We know the man speaks the truth.

What do we do about it?

We die.

Here is Pat's column from 11/8, I'm sorry I missed it until now.



  1. It's a good article.

    No matter how far the "mixed race" thing goes, society will always divide on racial lines. It's human nature to assimilate/coexist with folks of the same color/race. It's the herd mentality.

    The common man is becoming more muddled, while the elites, Bilderburgs, and controlling $$$ families are predominantly white. And so it will remain, the common man will be the serf to the controllers of $$$.

    It takes a special mind set to break from this ad to nor be afraid. We will never see the same thing that the immigrants of the late 1800's & early 1900's saw. when they came here they were Americans.

    Sure they had their heritage, but they were in their new homeland and they embraced that.

    Today, the immigrants are just here, they want to make America into their past homeland. That shit just don't work for me.

    If you left your old home to come here, then it must have been bad. So why do you want to make it like what you left.

    So, by 2050 America, hell...the world will be a Heinz 57 mutt.

  2. Just won his new book by being the first to answer "Who was the most famous of the two VP candidates for the Constitution Party in 2000?" :) Briefly scanned and looks good.

  3. On my 2nd read through on his latest book. It's both interesting and quite depressing at the same time.
    He does not mash facts and numbers.
    Some of which just really piss me off!
    Forward all,and right damn now!



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