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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Snitch from Georgia

Kiddie porn is supposedly the leverage the Feds had against the CI (Confidential Informant = SNITCH) who gave up the old guys in Georgia who were supposedly planning a ricin attack...

I have said it before, and I'll remind you once again: If the Feds want you, they WILL have you.

Facts do not matter.  Kiddie porn on your computer is a guaranteed prison term, and the guys in prison with you WILL NOT treat you like any other prisoner.  There is a special classification for anyone who has a kiddie charge.  Anyone who hurts a child and then ends up in prison had better learn to never sleep.  It can be a death sentence...and if the Feds are threatening you with a death sentence...

But, do you have any idea how many people catch kiddie porn cases?  By the looks of it, half the country likes looking at little kids inappropriately. 

The reality is that Kiddie Porn is one of those charges that is indefensible.  Such a "hobby" would be done in secret, so when one is accused everyone assumes that you're just a sneaky, sick bastard.  Just accuse a person of Kiddie Porn, and the stain will remain forever...regardless of the facts.

And do you have any idea how easily one can sneak a folder of kiddie porn onto your computer?  I hope you do.

Yes, there are some sick folks out there.  But don't believe everything you hear.

Learn to read between the lines.

Here's the piece from Brock's place.



  1. And, if it means anything, I appreciate your use of the term "snitch" when referring to the guy, 'cuz that's exactly the right term.

    Some bloggers and people would have called him a "hero-who-turned-in-the-people-who-are-nothing-like-me-even-though-I-like-to-talk-about-revolution-I-don't-really-mean-it". Either that, or they'd go on and on about geriatrics, in the same breath they say my generation is worthless and that "restoration" will be up to older folks.

    Snitches can be (and are) anywhere and everywhere they are needed. All the .gov needs to do is pick a desired person and fabricate some dirt. It really is that easy.

    As a local case recently showed, they can be the most "trustworthy" person around, or they can be people you've known your whole life.


  2. ;)

    Nice to know you noticed the same swift back-peddling that I noticed...again.



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