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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

State Laws are More Oppressive that FedGov...

There is plenty of justifiable angst directed at FedGov among Patriots.

But please take a moment and consider the politicians who run your State or Commonwealth.

If your state permits unrestrained carry, concealed or otherwise, you're in the minority.

Does your state require automobile registration? Annual inspection?

Does your state demand property taxes? Does your state demand income taxes?

Does your state have Montana styled challenges to Federal ATF regulations and the will to back them up? Not just an occasional Sheriff who thratens FedLEO - but does your Governor have the balls to deploy the State Militia to protect the guy who makes or buys a firearm or accessory without ATF approval?

Do the Judges in your state have the balls to put an ATF agent in prison for two years? Wyoming is an example for all States to follow.

Does your state reject FedGov money for highways? Does your state collect property taxes, which are nothing more han rental payments for "owning" property in the state?

Wyoming has threatened to lock up and prosecute Federal Agents who don't check in with local Sheriffs. Does your state have the same protection for citizens?

No offense for you folks in Texas, but you do realize that in many cases your State laws are more harsh than Federal edicts. I know, because I spent a month in your republic of Texas one week recently.

The point: FedGov is a problem, but it is hardly the only problem.

For instance in Texas, those of you who long for a republic of Texas free of the uSA - you realize the Liberals in Houston and DFW and Austin are as bad as most members of the national Congress, don't you?

Your problems are not even remotely limited to Washington DC - whether you are in Texas or California or Virginia. You have far more house cleaning within your own borders before you are justified in beating up solely on FedGov.

Gary Marbut deserves a contract from every one of your states that is considering serious reform. Only a strong state can even contemplate telling FedGov to f* off.

Clean up your own AO before looking across borders for monsters to slay.


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