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Saturday, December 10, 2011

That silly 3rd Amendment

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The Third Amendment is one of those we don't talk about much these days.  It seems like one of those concerns that was far more relevant to our Founders than to us.

But I found myself once again struck by their wisdom today as I read a post over at Curtis' place.  He linked to a story about how DHS has issued a warning that our bus system is the number 1 target of Mo these days.  Of course, now we have no choice but to accept VIPR checkpoints across the highways.  And since Mo may be in any car as he hunts for bus-riding victims, all drivers in all car models are subject to TSA pat downs...

Consider a near-future DHS memo: Terrorist chatter indicates that their new number 1 target is Americans in their homes.

Remedy: DHS will place Agents in your home, Citizen, to ensure that Mo is not hiding under your bed.

Far-fetched?  Really?

Then I would ask you to consider merging goals of those who would be our Masters...

We know that the State of Michigan considers anyone on Medicaid to be "State Employees" (with dues obligations to SEIU).

So, why would DHS not simply deputize college kids (for a reduced payment on their college loans) or homeless people (because homeless is bad, m'kay) and assign them to your basement, guest room, or sofa?  Of course, as a fully deputized DHS Agent, they would See All and Say Everything to their Masters.  Your secrets would be no more.

Yes, my examples are deliberately cast toward the ridiculous...but where on the ridiculous spectrum do you put DHS and those who want to be your Masters?

Thank you for 3A, Founders...though very few will protect it any better than any other Right.

Here's the link to Curtis' piece.



  1. Didn't bush the 2nd already sign an unconstitutional agreement with canada and mexico "allowing" troops from those "countries" onto our soil in certain situations years ago?

  2. It would suck to be an Oathbreaking soldier, or a lackey citizen, shot with your own weapon. When I imagine those two in my home, all I can see is their weapons.

    Some of us have hard lines. Some of it isn't just chest thumping. Nearly all of my lines involve my family and home.

    Hell, somebody's got to be the idiot.


  3. Every time I think something like that could never happen, I remind myself that I wouldn't have believed half of what has already happened could have.

    I never would have thought the Attorney General and President of the US would run guns to brutal thugs and kill hundreds of people in an effort to swing US politics, but they have.

    I never would have imagined the US would argue in court you have no right to decide what you want to eat, but they have.

    I never would have imagined the FCC would appoint a guy who wants to destroy broadcasting to oversee broadcasting, but they have.

    I've hardly even started...


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