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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To those who hate the Constitution...

I posted this at WRSA.

I held my tongue over there, because it simply isn't polite to unleash at another man's place.

To those of you who insist upon scrapping the Constitution and re-inventing the wheel, consider:

Living within the parameters set up in the Constitution is a choice.

I challenge anyone to show me even one aspect of the Constitution that they find offensive if it were applied as intended and ratified, then implemented by moral men.

Let’s see: Freedom of speech & religion. The right to be armed in any manner you see fit. The right to live without soldiers in your home. The right to kill any man who puts his hands on you to search your pockets. A Government that stays out of your way and never taxes the fruits of your labor. The right to do what you want, when you want, how you want, so long as you respect the equal rights of others.

Jeez, that Constitution sure is an evil construct. It was designed to enslave us all!! 

Slavery I say!!!

I need to increase the number of people who need to be culled from the herd.

The Constitution, DoI and BoR are merely a set of ideals of behavior between moral men, written on parchment.

Men violate or abide the ideals.

Condemn the parchment?  Really?

How about holding immoral and amoral men responsible for infringing the Liberties of moral men, and be rid of them?

Condemn the parchment?  Try focusing on the real problem...men who choose to behave immorally and amorally.




  1. Condemn the parchment?

    Well, I guess I missed this. Who and why?

  2. Brock: It is a general post to all those folks who are calling for a return to AoC, or who complain that the Constitution was designed from day 1 as a device for tyranny - I'm really growing sick of all the complaining by these folks.


  3. No piece of paper enforced itself. It has always been up to the people to bind the government to the chains of their constitution. People are just to lazy ... they think they can ink something on paper and it will enforce itself. Even half the idiots over at OWS can not grasp that.

    If YOU can keep it is what Franklin said. Well guess what, we couldn't keep it. What makes anyone think they can create a better one and keep it too?

    I don't think it is that they want to ink a better one, but try to ink one that they themselves don't have to enforce ... a self enforcing constitution.

  4. Dead-on target, Curtis. There has never been, and there will never be, a lazy and successful state of Liberty.

    But our fellow Countrymen sure do want to try.

    I wonder how often guys like you, CA, Trainer, AP, et cetera feel like just walking away...because I have very little patience for this silliness.


  5. Can't walk away...can't run....can't fly...there is no other place to go.

    We either make it here or we die here. For one reason or another, one way or another, those who can see and comprehend what the Constitution says in simple language, have drawn 'the duty' to stand against those who revile it.

    Those on our side who wish to return to the Articles should be reasoned with to bring them to a more excellent understanding of why the Constitution can, and should, work as designed.

    Frustration is part of the mantle of eternal vigilance, which is the price of Liberty. What we are seeing now is the gradual awakening of a People who allowed complacency replace vigilance brought about by awarding unearned trust to those we sent to be our servants....

    But we carry on, right?



    One of us.

    Because if we fall apart here, in the exchange of ideas, what do we think will happen when we go hot?

  6. Thanks, Trainer. Very sincerely.

    You are correct. The only time to stop talking will be the day I step off the porch. But it sure is frustrating at times.


  7. I guess the thing for me is just liberty and the ability to raise, provide for, and protect my family.

    Constitution, AoC, whatever.

    If one can't be held to, if one won't be respected, the other won't, either. If we (collectively) wish for and demand a democracy, what we have now is all we can hope for: rule by the people who want free stuff, delegated to people who will steal it and hand it out.

    I'll live under the Constitution and BoR. I think several amendments need stricken, but I'll live under it. Problem is, the people it pertains to the most won't, or use it to usurp their power "legally", and so far my countrymen and I have lacked the guts to make them abide by it.

    Me, I am not going to rely on a politician, law, or piece of paper to tell me or my kids what's right or wrong.

    That's my job, and I'm not going to delegate it.

    Having said all that, I think there are merits on both sides of the debate. There are also flaws on both sides, IMO.

    I don't see the Constitution going away anytime soon. I also don't see any government, anywhere, ever, letting itself be limited. This leaves it to the citizens, and citizens' remedies are always going to be "illegal", by definition.

    One way or another, Constitution or not, this nation is one of the last possible refuges for freedom. If it is lost here, it is lost.

    I owe my kids more than that, no matter what ANY piece of paper says.

    I owe my kids more.

    Judge if you want; we all die.
    I intend to deserve it.


  8. THANK YOU for articulating what I've been thinking for a while now. I mean, why blame a parchment for our own failure to keep it? It's like keeping a gun in the drawer, and then blame it when it doesn't shoot the burglar who breaks into our home at night. Also, why call the constitution an insidious device for slowly imposing slavery over a period of centuries? I just don't buy it.


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