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Monday, November 14, 2011

White Paper: Russo-Sino Deceptions

I firmly believe that Anitoliy Golitsyn was a genuine defector from the Soviet Union, and the information he provided to our side was accurate.  I also firmly believe that James Angleton was shut down by very powerful Soviet and Communist forces that have been entrenched in our Political Class since well before FDR.

I also believe that Patriots today simply cannot defeat the Enemies of Liberty unless we, as a community, fully grasp the scope of those enemies aligned against us and we take the decision to restore Liberty by any means necessary.

The Left drift of our politics, of our morality, of our economy over the last 100 years is the result of work done by enemies who intend to unite the world under totalitarian control.  We have enemies, foreign and domestic.

Those enemies have been working together for generations.  They have a long-term worldview, and all of their work is now coming to that moment when they must take that final step, a step that they assume will be our Coup de grâce.

They may be correct, but they need not be.  Liberty does not need to die today.

We can still push back the Enemies of Liberty and ensure that Mister Jefferson's Liberty survives another generation, but the task before us is monumental.  Had we listened to General Patton and taken Moscow, how many lives would have been saved in the 20th century alone?  How many will die in our lifetime because we failed to kill our enemies when we had the chance?

I am providing a link to a very well written analysis of the Russo-Sino alliance that examines the topic from the beginning to today.

It is a very long read, and it is not light reading.  You'll need to be of fresh mind.

But I commend it to you when you have the chance.

Before one can slay a monster, one must identify the true form of the beast.

This beast has tentacles that reach deeply into our country, and our Countrymen.

Here's the link.



  1. Scanned it and will read later. Iran comes to mind.

  2. Beautiful, on first skim. Will read as time permits.

    Thanks for the resource.



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