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Monday, November 14, 2011

Wow. Just...wow...

One of Mo's gals is appointed to the US Commission on Religious Freedom, by President Obama.

She has stated that Thomas Jefferson...wait for it...and our other Founders...wait for it...were inspired by the...wait for it...Koran.

Just read the post at Brock's Place. 

Also read this post while at Brock's - he linked to Karl.  If this story doesn't articulate the moral bankruptcy of our republic, I'm not sure what does.  A battered woman killed her husband, was tried for 2nd degree murder, found not guilty, and will still go to prison for 2-5 years for using an unregistered firearm...that belonged to her husband!

Yes, friends...I can think of one story that better illustrates our plight: Not one man in America is headed to New York to break this woman out of prison. 

I'm going to have a hard time sleeping tonight.  I'm going to tell myself that it simply isn't my hill upon which to fight.  That's pretty f'n hollow.



  1. Inspired by Mohammedians, as they would have been called.

    Nope. Sorry. Western man can stand on his own, methinks.

    I'm sure that if I look hard enough, I can find and superimpose "inspiration" for anything from anything.

    One of Mo's gals, on religious freedom?

    That's like putting Joshua, known for his tolerance and compassion for non-Israelites (from the O.T.) on the same council.

    Why does the government need a special body on religious freedom anyway? All they have to do is leave us the hell alone.

    That's free, too.


  2. It's the individuals in Government, and those individuals who mis-use Government, that created the special body on religious freedom. And they did it not for religious freedom, of course, but to advance their own ideology.

    Until we convict them, or convince these individuals to leave, or take up knitting as a hobby instead of meddling with Liberty, we'll continue to have this foolishness.

    Once again it comes back to the fact that too many people in this country have never been popped in the nose for bad behavior.


  3. Penn State equals this story in representing our plight. Worse if innocense makes a difference.

    We the people allowed all this to happen in our growing soft and expecting more. Our ignorance gave way to a mentality that lacked self reliance and blurred the difference between right and wrong.

    We should all have a hard time sleeping; my guess is most won't. I'm not sure which hill to die on or when, but I agree it's pretty f'n hollow.



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