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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WRSA & Spooner

Please do not let this thread at WRSA fizzle out - the points being discussed are at the very core of our struggle.  Not against one another, but in unifying our FreeFor so that we can be united against the Enemies of Liberty.

Chris at ZeroGov asked me a question that I never expected, and it deserves an answer here.

He asked if guys like me, who believe in the Constitution, as ratified and intended, in the spirit of the DoI and BoR, would turn our guns on Anarchists if we ever achieved our goals.

I offer my most sincere No Sir on this point.  Most Anarchists simply want to be left alone.  I believe that in an America wherein the Constitution is implemented as ratified and intended, there would be no quarrel.  I for one would never bring violence or the threat of violence to any man who means me no harm.

I hope that helps clarify my position.  I know my words can be harsh, and sometimes I do not nuance as completely as I should.

I have no quarrel with any man who means no harm or injury to another.

Here's the thread at WRSA.  Please keep it going.  We need not reach a single view - we simply must understand that we have so much in common, the differences simply don't need to be sweated.


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