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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get some...

You are watching the deliberate escalation of resentments on both sides, feeding the fires that will rage out of control next year as the heat of the election fuels serious Class Warfare enmities.

Both LEO and Occupy are tools, being used by puppet masters.

The ground is being laid for the final phase.

We will see it in our lifetime.

Will we watch Liberty die, or will we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor and push back tyranny once more?

We shall see...

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  1. This is like a bad car wreck.

    You see it coming & know it's gonna be a big bad one. No way to avoid it.

    It's in slow motion, but yet you still can't help but peek from behind your fingers.

    Soon the fingers are gonna have to move to the trigger for self preservation.

    Now's the time to jump start the OODA into overdrive.

  2. This all has so much of the smell of the (in)glorious "Arab Spring" in Tunisia, Egypt, etc, etc, etc. The people protest, peacefully for the most part, the cops offer the violence up to including outright murder of peaceful protesters, the people do not back down and ultimately serious change happens.

    The nature of that change so far has sucked. Over "there."

    So, how much more brutality will our cops offer us before Queen Hillary gets up off her fat ass and demands the gummit stands down for the people?

    Don't hold your breath folks! Lock and load. Mostly I am wondering how soon some veterans are going to offer tit for tat to the criminal cops.

  3. @ Anonymous

    This movement is attracting veterans. With veterans will inevitably come support from active duty.


    And then there is this: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/anti-capitalist-teach-in-leader-we-have-people-organizing-inside-of-the-military/ No independent verification of that one, but it is possible. The Potemkin mutiny is proof that it can happen.


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