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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Basque are not finished yet...

The Jesus Nut is loose on Gunship Euro.

For those who had written the Basque into the history books, not so fast.

No, this post isn't about the Basque, per se.  It is about the reality that when the Jesus Nut finally lets loose, people fall back and regroup along ethnic, religious and nationalist lines.  France and the island of the Queen are hurling insults at one another, and it sure does appear that the French have returned to their inferior and subservient position to the Germans. 

The EU is going to fail, and people are already looking to their stockpiles, and counting tanks.  The Banksters will demand their debts be collected.  War will return to Europe.

Then the fun will begin, as old wounds are re-opened and old conflicts flare again.  People will look to their own kind...Tribe.

Count on it.

When it is all done, what will the map look like?  What will the continent look like?  Will the Muslim Horde be run to ground, or will they overwhelm our ancestors and expand Mo's holdings to the Atlantic? 

No matter, really.  What American cares who enslaves whom in the old world?

I don't.

Americans were warned to mind our own business.  When Europe implodes we'll have our hands full, right here.  One advantage we have: While we are infested from our south, we are not yet in a position to be overwhelmed.  Mo's folks in CONUS have no weight.  For America to survive what is coming, it will fall to Patriots to secure the borders and rid the nest of vermin.

What is vermin?  Any human who does not respect your Right to exercise Jeffersonian Liberty.

We are about to be reminded that in this world, if you've been handed your arse by your enemies, the key is to hold on, never surrender, stay alive and wait for your opportunity.  Your enemies will surely screw up again, it is in their nature as tyrants to over-reach.  When they do, if you are still alive, you may be able to exploit circumstances, and prevail.

Here is just one story about current tensions in Europe, that will see the Jesus Nut release.

Keep your heads down, survive long enough to conquer your enemies.

I'm looking forward to a Basque Embassy, in a Washington DC that is returned to swamp and farmland, as it should be...



  1. Washington DC that is returned to swamp and farmland, as it should be...

    Back to Maryland.

  2. Almost makes you wonder about Dixie, the Republic of Texas, etc., doesn't it?

  3. Anon: Modern (and historic Europe, for that matter) is exactly what will happen here if we Balkanize. Endless fighting, strife, grudges.

    But we have no reason to Balkanize along racial, religious or other grounds. The only thing that should divide Americans from non-Americans is the respect for Jeffersonian Liberty.

    I'll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with folks who get that much.


  4. K-

    Agree with the post contents 100%.


  5. Stick a fork in it, the whole EU thing is done.

    I'm amazed it keeps walking, though. It's like a bizarre horror story where someone was killed but doesn't realize it, so they just keep walking around.


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