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Monday, December 26, 2011

Calling it Security Theatre is deliberate...

Calling the destruction of the Fourth Amendment "Security Theatre" is a deliberate tactic by the Enemies of Liberty.

The word theatre conveys insignificance, something to be dismissed with a roll of the eyes.

The Enemies of Liberty are good with that disposition.  It shields their work.

The reality is that the Fourth Amendment is being murdered, the carcass pieced and buried in separate unmarked graves, never to be recovered again.

The longer this work is permitted to continue without the gravity of the situation being understood by the masses, the better chances of success.

So, Patriots.  Look to the poll in the corner.  I expected a muted response, as many folks somehow think they are less vulnerable by not answering such a poll.  But look at the results.  Fewer than half think it is too soon to leave the porch.  More than half think it is time to leave the porch, though they have taken the decision to wait until someone else steps off first, or to wait until after the first Big Die Off.  (The liar who clicked that he is kicking butt now Ninja style need not visit any more.)

I'm not going to judge either course.  Each man and woman must decide their own path to death.

But consider: Our current course of action (which is no action) is not working.  It is not delaying the Enemies of Liberty a whit.  Waiting until there is a Stack at your door is suicide.  FreeFor is not even on their radar as an obstacle.

No Fort Sumters?  That is a stupid path, today.

Not one more inch?  You can say it all you want, but unless you are living it, what's the point?

Wait for the whites of their eyes?  OK, that one is even more stupid than No Fort Sumters.

When you can see the whites of their eyes, you will die. 

Secession?  You folks are even more alone than Constitutionalists.  And, are you living in your proposed Secessionist AO?  Or are you still in a city/'burb that you are willing to surrender to the Bad People?  If you haven't already relocated to the area you plan to call your New Utopia, who do you think you are kidding?

Here are a few simple facts: Enemies of Liberty are murdering the unalienable Rights articulated in the DoI, Constitution and BoR...wholesale.  They are doing their work with absolutely ZERO resistance.  They operate with impunity, despite the verbosity on particular blogs and by particular commentors. 

The Enemies are imposing their Police State, right now.

They have the support of more than 200,000,000 people within our borders, and many more beyond our borders.

At current course and speed, it will be absolute within 12 months. (My own arithmetic)

We all know the stories about various Tribes in history who have known what was coming, yet did nothing...they waited for the boots on the steps, the knock on the door, the rail car to arrive.  Yet we are in the same state of inaction, while our enemies are not.

You think about these matters, Patriots.  Please do not post anything here that will earn a visit from Master.  Keep it in your head.  But if you do not at least get it worked out in your heads, fast, it'll all be over except the dyin'...

Consider AP's perspective, here.


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