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Monday, December 5, 2011

Concerned American

Here is a snippet of CA's remarks:  And remember: those State Security forces you face are doing that job to feed their families.

They do not give one single damn about your views on the Founders, natural law, or the Constitution.

Their command is one and one only: Submit, or die.

That is what we face, to be certain.  Add to that all the self-interest motivations of those who feed upon the system, from the Admin Assistant in the Federal office or City Hall, to the members of the FSA who rely upon Government for their food and/or shelter, to the plumber who fixes the water heater in the home of a US Attorney. 

They will all See Something and Say Something.  Truth is not a requisite.

CA advises all to prep for the America that may evolve in the coming years.  That too, is prudent.

I will continue to cling to the ideals of Restoration at the same time, and work toward that end.  I'm too old and grumpy to bother learning Chinese, Russian, Spanish or Communist.  I do not accept that America's best days are behind us. (Not asserting that CA takes that position). 

We can return to a state of Liberty, a state that existed from the time of Revolution One to Lincoln's Revolution.  Whether we will choose to do the work is another matter.  But we do not need to match the Enemies of Liberty man for man...because one Patriot is worth hundreds of FSA genetic garbage.

One day, I'll be dead and all of this will be someone else's problem.

Here's the link to CA's piece.


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