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Sunday, December 25, 2011

EU Coup

The entire population of the EU is currently being enslaved in a coup led by Banksters.

Brock found an outstanding video that details the current war being waged to enslave the continent, without a shot being fired.

Make no mistake, they will resort to bullets if they must. 

We are witnessing a stunning moment in history.  Let's see if Western Europe chooses to wear the chains of Banksters...

Here's the link to Brock's Place.


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  1. This only puts into clear language for the EU what the Federal Reserve has already been doing in America for decades. Money IS a weapon, folks.

    For me it's like watching people wake up after the fire has already burnt down their neighbor's house, burst out their front doors, and yell "I smell smoke!" after I and a handful of other people spent the night throwing buckets of water on the flames.


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