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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Germany Rising

Germany may be on the cusp of once again becoming the primary center of power for Western Europe, accomplished by Angela Merkal without even firing the engine of a single Panzer...

In most business, the man with the money calls the shots.

Germany has the money.

The bulk of Western Europe - and all of their Banksters - want the Euro and the EU to survive.

In steps Merkel, with the power to break the EU...and the power to save.

The cost?  Political power shifts to Berlin from Brussels.

Watch and see.  She will get her way, or she will let the EU crash, then she'll buy the ruins for pennies on the dollar...



  1. She will have to pick a course soon. S&P has put them on notice for a possible down grade.

  2. I watch Germany closely. When Germany moves, it takes the entire world to stop it.

  3. Two years ago, Denninger wrote, "Angela Merkel clanks when she walks". She will face down the Brussels based Euro weenies and do what she thinks is in their best-interest. I won't pretend to know.

    All we can do is watch.


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