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Monday, December 12, 2011

Gold will have little real value...

Butter is being offered in Norway at nearly $500 per pound because of a severe shortage.

That is the entire lesson, folks.

That one ounce Gold Eagle may be worth a fortune in a SHTF scenario - theoretically.

How do you make change for a loaf of bread?

Lead is the real gold.  After that, the most valuable items will be the vices.  If you think it is going to get ugly, focus on the things people will want the most. 

That is the real world. 

Here is the article about butter in Norway. 



  1. Is it unmanly of me to mention that there seems to be no news of a shortage of heavy cream there? I'm a dude and all, but if I were over there right now, I'd be making my next 7 or 8 house payments by making black market butter.

    I agree with you on the value of lead though.

  2. Think about tobacco as trading material. Seeds are available online.


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