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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How the Feds are tracking your kids...

Wow.  1984 was not written as an instruction manual...




  1. Nothing is sacred anymore. Our "elected ones", top to bottom,are on a immoral tare. Nothing is off limits. Fair enough.

    Reap what you sow......


  2. This could actually be a good thing, in my humble opinion. Nothing pisses a mother off more than jacking with her kids. Women are largely lethargic where Big Brother is concerned (and the majority of "men" too it seems), falling for all the "it's for their safety" garbage. This has nothing to do with "safety", it's all about building Stasi "dossiers", and anyone with half a squished pea for a brain can see that. Mothers everywhere will be spitting mad, and deploy their claws. I hope...

  3. If only we could find "the brave" in this "land of the free" we might possibly could do something to restore the republic to its founding principles but things aren't looking real good at the moment. I've been hunting for over three years now and they're as hard to find as Harry Reid claimed millionaire job creators are. (Note: I said "claimed".)

    But nobody need worry cause these kind of things cannot happen in America. Well, they just can't! Hell, everyone knows that.

    Give all this government conspiracy stuff a break. They're protecting and defending our liberties pursuant to their oaths of office.

    Now, go watch DWTSs or something.



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