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Monday, December 19, 2011

How to murder a species

Dangerous human beings playing with dangerous bugs.

A weaponized flu created in a University lab.

You connect the dots.

Here is the link.



  1. There is only one reason that anyone would try to take a bird flu and make it contageous among humans.

    Many people on the progressive left believe in the largely discredited "population bomb" theories.

    Many elites within governments and politically connected corporations have stated their wish to see a population reduction. Read here: http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/from-7-billion-people-to-500-million-people-the-sick-population-control-agenda-of-the-global-elite

    And then there are the Georgia Guidestones, which make known to all the intent.

  2. While I am no expert on such matters, I have to wonder if science is yet able to target such a virus to a specific gene or characteristic - such as blue eyes, or with any reliable targeting of ethnic traits.


  3. There are genetic disorders directly connected to Melanin, the chemical responsible for skin pigment, so it is theoretically possible. What would be needed is a virus capable of affecting the skin.

    Fabricating an ethnic weapon with greater precision than generic skin color would be much more difficult, especially if the target is a heavily mixed ethnic group such as the Jewish people. The Jewish Haplogroups of DNA for example are present in most Arabs and between 4 and 10 percent of the rest of the population. Any 'ethnic bomb' targeting Israel would also kill most of the surrounding Muslims. An ethnic weapon meant to destroy the Mongols would kill off a significant portion of the entire northern hemisphere because of the size of the Mongolian empire and subsequent mixing of genes.

    To the 'general needs before individual needs' collectivist though, precision would not matter too much. Adolf Hitler for example, oppressed his fellow Gemanic people when he invaded the Netherlands, Belgium, Sudetenland and Norway, and the Ashkenazim Jews are as Germanic as the population in the region.

    Long answer short, chances are it could be done. The Atomic Bomb was once thought to be impossible, and so was flying faster than sound. Even the speed of light is in debate over disputed findings of superluminal neutrinos.

    For goof or for evil, the arbitrary notion of necessity has a way of collaborating with science to make the impossible, possible.

  4. Thanks, Seremzh. I think you are correct, also, in that the people who would unleash such a virus would not worry too much about collateral damage.

    I think the odds are very good that the next real paradigm shift for our species will be a biological event.



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