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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

InfoWars: FEMA Camps go Live...

Several in our community have had drive-bys over the last few weeks.

The Senate approved the NDAA authorizing the .mil to classify Americans as Terrorists without any access to Constitutional protections.

And Alex Jones is reporting tonight that FEMA has activated detention camps.

Are these dots to be connected?  We shall see.  My DefCon alarm isn't even tingling at the moment.  I think they may be laying the ground, but will not scoop up the first wave of Patriots until there is an act of some significance to be used as justification.

The moment you see that act on Fox, I would suggest changing your DefCon status.

Here is the piece from InfoWars.



  1. Yeah, just lay back and watch them watch you. Start gathering intel, go over your escape plan, check your basic load.

  2. Seems like things are speeding up. I'm beginning to doubt that we get to vote next fall.


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