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Friday, December 30, 2011

Iran: Oil, War, American Politics

Watch the rhythm of the war drums and escalations regarding Iran and consider how they affect the 2012 US election cycle.  Americans tend to circle the wagons around a President in wartime.  That is an old narrative, but not yet entirely obsolete.  What is different today is that many Americans are tired of war, and the sitting President has started more than his share.  Starting another with Iran will probably backfire if the goal is to solidify his domestic political base.

But, what if war with Iran is not entirely about the domestic political base?

Iran sits on the fourth largest oil reserves in the world.  Any oil disruption will further negatively impact the world economy and the US economy, and perhaps be the straw that breaks the camel's back.  Mo's folks have proved time and again during the Arab Spring that they can be relied upon, once unleashed from their current tyrants, to work stridently towards goals that are in their own interests and thereby destructive toward America.

Current economic programs in America are deliberate in their attempts to undermine and break the republic.  Every economic decision taken, and even those avoided, facilitate a downward spiral of our economic health.  The goal must be to implode and collapse, for the goals of Enemies of Liberty.

How better to ensure a timely implosion than to spend three years driving to the precipice, and in the final year give the final push, a push that is guaranteed to drive oil to $150+ per barrel, gasoline to $6+ per gallon, and effectively march the country into full-blown economic suicide? 

War with Iran.

Look for a spring or summer conflict with Iran that drives the economy in the direction sought by our resident Communists.  Their goal is the destruction of Liberty and Capitalism.  They must push Americans further from their comfort zones and deeper into the arms of Government to succeed.

Their timing may have been ideal.

2012 will see the rise of the FSA in the name of Communism (though they will call it something more palatable).

2012 will see the final moments of Liberty and Capitalism, or it will provide the opening for Patriots to sweep away the disease in our midst.

You will have a vote that matters in this one.

Watch the headlines about Iran.  Watch the rise of DHS.  Connect the dots.

Do not be caught flat-footed.  Be aware and prepared when the balloon goes up.

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