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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jeff Nyquist: The Meaning of Occupy

Students of Communism understand what Occupy is all about.

Here is an article by one of the most informed scholars on the topic, J.R. Nyquist.

Beware Occupy.  They will be the catalyst for the Enemies of Liberty to unleash Hell in 2012.

Here is the link.



  1. They are the "bottom up" component of the strategy used by communists all over. Top down will be LEO/Military.

  2. They could also provide Team Freedom an entrance to the battleground, if any were interested.

    So far, not so much.

    Can't win if you don't even engage.

    One possible entrance?

    Think Braveheart..."I told you, it's my island..."

  3. I went to the first Occupy meeting in my AO. While there was some common ground between us they were very, very left. I need to start going to them again if for no other reason but to keep an eye on them.


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