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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The malls are empty...

Lead is the new gold.  I have been saying this for years.  I've started to notice this creep into language across our community.  I've also noted several writers and commentors express the concept of protecting Liberty under their feet.  Good.

The shopping malls in the DC Metro area are not enjoying the kind of traffic they remember from pre-2008 Christmas Eve shoppers.  In all honesty, just trying to get into a mall parking lot in our area during this silly season can be a 30-40 minute ordeal.  Then you have to try and find a spot.  Good luck.

But traffic radio is reporting that every mall in the area is easy to get into this morning.

And this is DC.  The economic woes of the nation are very muted here, because of the high percentage of Federal dollars flowing into pockets.

Of course, lead is the new gold is not a new concept.  It has always been so.  Before firearms it was the edge of a good blade.  Before that it was a good rock strapped to a sturdy stick.

Gold is a metal that only has value in peacetime, or in peaceable lands.

Ever contemplated beating a man with a gold coin who intends to rape your wife?  And where will you be when the next Enemy of Liberty calls for gold confiscation?  You won't even be able to barter black market with your gold, because too many people will be afraid to deal in it because of See Something Say Something Collaborators.

As you spend time with your loved ones this weekend, I would encourage every Patriot to consider that this may be the last such gathering before Implosion and Collapse is upon us all.  As you look into the eyes of your family and closest friends, remind yourself why you will gear up with steel and lead and defend the patch of ground beneath your feet for Liberty.

Remember that true Liberty, respected by a formal system of Government, has never existed before our Framers hammered out the DoI, Constitution and BoR.

In 50,000 years of behavioral modernity, man has only formally recognized and implemented Liberty one time.

It took very little time for Enemies of Liberty to begin destroying the achievement, beginning with Marbury v. Madison.

If Liberty is not secured in 2012, I suspect it will be lost to mankind until the species devours itself into extinction.

I would suggest every Patriot go forward in Condition Yellow as your baseline.  And if you are not slipping into Condition Orange a few times every day, you are not paying attention.

Condition Red is coming for us all.

Read this from Zoomie, here.

Ron Paul fans (ok, and Romney fans if you are here) should be very happy this morning.  Sherrie is reporting a VERY big deal about the Virginia Primary, here.  (btw, if you are a Romney fan, get out.  You are not welcome here.  Die.  Merry Christmas.)



  1. I noticed yesterday as I passed the Mall and Walmart ... the Mall is dead for this time of the year and there is absolutely no more room to park in the Walmart parking lot and people are parking on the side streets for about 5 city blocks.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Paul and Romney. This is going to be fun!

  3. K,

    My wife is very frugal in most matters.

    Lately though, she is very open and willing to the idea of spending money on ammunition and other items of a similar nature.

    This is both a good thing, in one sense, and a very, very bad thing in another sense.

    She's a quiet, unassuming woman, but I know she would have no problems giving me a "carrying your shield or on it" speech.

    I wish you success on your terms in 2012. It has been a pleasure to enjoy your friendship.

    Let's win.


  4. Oh, and I share your sentiments ala Romney / Romney supporters.

    Oxygen thieves and leeches, all.


  5. Even my kids see the writing on the wall and are asking questions.

    As far as Romney, He is nothing more than a white obama.


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