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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Obama/Clinton beats a Royal Flush

Drudge is linking to a Time article by Robert Reich, a genuine Democrat insider, who is predicting an Obama/Clinton ticket.  He claims no inside intel, believe what you will.  At the very least it is a very well-informed trial balloon for the D base.

No matter.  What matters is that if it happens, it will work.  It is very unlikely any R candidate can overcome the D excitement at having Hillary on the ticket.  Sorry, that's just reality.

But here is the more important reality: Would Hillary do it?

Why should she?  She carries none of the Obama stain as things stand right now.    If she signs on to bail him out, she "might" be seen as the saviour of the D party...and she would also be accepting the taint that President Obama now enjoys by himself.  If his second term goes badly, as VP she can not distance herself from the stench, the way she can as Secretary of State.

What does Hillary gain by bailing out Obama?

Looking at the political world through the Clinton lens, they win bigger if Obama fails and Hillary runs in 2016 as savior, without any stain.

But the flip side of that: President Obama is doing the heavy lifting toward socialism, a place Hillary would like to go.  If she signs onto the ticket and let's President Obama continue the pace, she will look like a moderate in 2016, running from the office of the VP.  That is a powerful position.

You can bet the Clintons are doing the political calculus, and it will be interesting to see how it goes.

One political reality is certain: Obama/Clinton beats any R ticket in 2012.

Here's the Reich piece.



  1. The political calculus is thus:

    Should this trial balloon for Hillary go well, the dems will try to convince Obummer not to run or will throw him under the bus. Hillary could whip any of the so-called Republican contenders out there, from the appearance of things and they are desperately looking to save their own hides. All her dirty laundry has been aired long enough that it won't help the opposition at all, unless she has generated substantially more in recent years. And I've even heard hardened republicans wishing for anybody but this bottom feeder we have in the White House right now, including Bill Clinton (yes, they explicitly mentioned him).

    And with Hillary, you can get all the starry-eyed "make history with your vote" idiots that caused the last presidential election to go the way it did (well, other than McCain's unsuitability, that is). Hillary could also do two more terms, instead of just the one. All in all, it's an excellent sticksave on the part of the left. Meanwhile, the right will sit there, pulling its pud, hoping desperately that some sort of Obama-light can be fielded that will somehow defeat him.

  2. Very good analysis, Anon. I'd have to agree, if the balloon is being floated by Hillary allies (without Obama input/approval) it will unfold exactly as you suggest.

    Interesting times.


  3. Interesting times for sure.



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