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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paul holding lead in Iowa

A 4 point lead, 6 days out.

Establishment R's have already telegraphed that if Ron Paul wins, it simply makes Iowans irrelevant.  It also means they will surrender the Oval Office to President Obama, rather than risk a Ron Paul overhaul from the Executive.

Yes, Dorothy, a President can do tremendous work to put us back on a course toward Constitutional respect.  Unless Congress overrides him constantly, there will be serious change.  He can shut down Executive departments.  He can dismiss Cabinet officials.  He can refuse to order the military into foreign excursions.  He can refuse to appoint Judges.

He can do a lot of good work, even if he is alone.

If you are a Ron Paul supporter, consider throwing a few bucks to his campaign now so he can make the most of Iowa.

UPDATE: Why send Ron Paul money now, if you are a supporter?  Because Mitt has positioned himself for a week-long push to be the flavor of the moment to coincide with election day.  Story is here.

Here's the story about the poll.  It's from The Hill, one of the more accurate DC insider publications.


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  1. He has survived the recent assault so far which is encouraging.


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