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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Headed to Gitmo from New Orleans

The pieces on the field move.

Indefinite detention of anyone who supports Terrorism, using the .mil.

Terrorism is linked to drug running.

Drug running is rampant in American cities.

Low-level Useful Idiot cries for help in a city that has already run the preliminary exercise (Katrina).

Connect the dots...

...and you get .mil into New Orleans, locking up Americans associated with drugs, because drugs are associated with terrorism and terrorism is bad, m'kay.

The final piece, yet to be revealed: White guys in the 'burbs buy the drugs, so they are, ergo, supporting terror and deserve a trip to Gitmo.

Watch & see.

Here's the piece from Rich T's place.


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  1. You need to add one more alternative:

    "Why would a serious man, woman, or group even consider answering this poll?"


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