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Monday, December 26, 2011

Protest Putin? You will become a non-person...

The world is about to be reminded how politics is played in Russia.

You don't really believe the hype about the new, softer Russia, do you?

Those crowds protesting Putin are about to be thinned out.

Enter a new Kremlin-approved GRU Chief.  For those who follow such matters, the writing is on the wall.  Any large action that does make international press will be blamed on "Muslims" or "Chechens"...

The protests against Putin will be a memory by the time the election arrives.  There will be many people who simply disappear, until everyone understands that Soviet power has never waned, it has simply been camouflaged.

American press will not cover the coming purge.  You should, for it is a primer on what comes your way...

Here's the story about Major General Igor Sergun.


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  1. The Ruskies do have some sexy ladies, too bad most of them are Psychos.


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