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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reminder: Oh, Won’t You Please Shut Up?

This is becoming a topic we need to repeat for a while, especially with upcoming Summits.

Be very careful what you say, and be very careful about what you let into your ears.

And when LEO is in your face: Shut your pie hole!

Here is a great find by Brock.  I suggest all Patriots read it and burn it into your brains.

Shut up.  There are too many pitfalls in any conversation with LEO.  You will talk yourself into a prison sentence if LEO decides to make it happen.  So, shut up.  And that guy you are meeting for the first time, and swapping encryption keys with...yeah, not so much.

If you forget for a single moment that Restoration is something that the Enemies of Liberty will not tolerate, you will lose.

Here's the piece at Brock's place.


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  1. For those who haven't already seen it, you MUST watch this youtube video:

    Don't Talk To Cops


    Even if you are certain you can "prove" your innocence to the LEO.


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