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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Standing Armies

We were warned about standing armies. 

We have two in this country, the armed forces and LEO.

We have a Political Class that is determined to be an Imperial power.  The problem with Empire is that you can only expand so long as you are conquering treasure.  When that fails and your home country begins to get antsy because they are feeling the financial pinch, Empire builders have two choices: Quit the Empire or include their Countrymen among the conquered.

This is where we stand today.

Those who mean to have a war machine and use it will enslave us all to keep their toys.  That is why you see such cooperation between professional military and civilian LEO.  Most of the men and women involved in those two groups like their toys and they enjoy being part of a special class of Citizens.  The Politicians who give them orders use them as tools to impose their will upon the rest of us.

Once again the wisdom of Jefferson would have prevented us this hardship.

Too many among us look to the Revolutionary War and fail to understand that the conflict is the same as we face today, in an examination of principles.  We have Countrymen among us who will do violence to force us to obey their Masters.  They are better armed and resourced.  They have Law on their side, and we do not.

All we have is morality and our desire to live as Free men at Liberty.

That is enough, if we also dig deep and find the will to match our desire.

You can not retreat from this enemy.  Today even the escape into the Territories is off the table.

There is only one way you will be Free and at Liberty in your lifetime, and there is only one way you will secure those treasures for your posterity.  You will have to willingly enter Hell, willingly trade your life for the goals we seek, and recognize that your authority to be Free and at Liberty is granted by a force far greater than any man who would see you enslaved.

You may not live through this Hell.  But you must enter and keep going until you reach the other side, or until you are dead.  If you fall, the rest of us will do all we can to secure Freedom and Liberty for your posterity.  Should I fall, I hope you will do the same.

We need not go looking for Monsters to slay.

We need only stand our ground and refuse to yield Liberty.

We need only take the decision that where we go, Liberty will be safe.

The Monsters will come for us, it is their nature.

Think about it.



  1. I'll post my experience with the law today a little later.

  2. Look forward to it. And, congrats on the new Ruger.

    I think you're right - Lisa is a keeper.



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