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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Waco happens every day. They are bombing Sumter and laughing...

Mozart posts a good piece by Chuck Baldwin about Waco.  Pastor Baldwin titles the piece There must never be another Waco.

Vanderboegh also counsels No more free Wacos while echoing No Fort Sumters.

Point One: Waco happens dozens of times every single day across America.  The numbers of dead at Waco can not be the measure.  It must be broken down to the fundamental element that Government killed Citizens when there was no cause.  That was the evil.  That was the injury.  That is always a casus belli.

That happens every day.

Point Two: What alternative is our Community pursuing?  We are not in the streets.  Many have abandoned political resistance.  Many pine for some elusive trigger event that will bring us to mortal combat in a no holds barred rule set.  But if our position is no more Wacos, and Waco happens every day, what then will be the trigger?  Where, exactly, is our credibility?

Even the broader Tea Party (the serious Tea Party and the compromised weak Tea version) and mainstream R's aren't doing anything to slow the pace of Waco events.  They vote for more, daily.  NDAA proves that. 

Someone I respect very much said in email today that there really isn't much more to talk about.

He's right.

Our community refuses to point all of our bayonets in the same direction.  The Bad People have their collective sh*t in order.  They are winning the field on every single front of the polygonal battlespace.  They do Waco every day, from Alaska (see Patriot's Lament) to North Dakota (see the Drone in the air over 6 cows) to...well, you get it.  Or not.

So to Pastor Baldwin and everyone who draws lines in the sand, while ignoring the fact that Government is doing Waco every day, I would suggest a bit of introspection.

When, Pastor, will you tell your flock to gear up and meet at the Green?

Here is the piece.  It is a good find by Mozart.



  1. Well said.

    I don't have answers, though I struggle with my grandiose statements on a blog and my apparent unwillingness to do anything but spew quotes and puffed up statements that in the end amount to nothing.

    When as an individual am I willing to step off, what would it take. I know for fact that I am not the only one thinking this. I would venture to guess that 99% of folks reading this post have the same questions: Where does my allegience fall. Where is the line in the sand drawn granting me license to pull the trigger.

    I think all of us know that at the moment we/I decide "it's time" all that we know, all that we have built as a life is over. In that moment a person must decide it is worth the cost, that their sacrifice will not be in vain that others will follow.

    We have become a selfish, cowardly breed of humanity spoiled by things that add nothing to the character of a man. Can we do the things that freed this country from a tyrannical government, probably, will we...

    History will judge.


  2. I'm right there with you, Mozart. When, why, what and how...

    It's a sliding scale, I think. One by one we'll reach our limits and begin stepping off.

    I don't know that "They" will give us another large-scale Waco. But I also think they can't control the collapse of the economy - I think that is the most likely tigger that gets us all moving.

    We'll see.


  3. Same struggles here. Fact is, stepping off means losing everything and ending in a cage or bag. I enjoy my family, my home and even my chickens. Letting go of that is a problem for me, but I rationalize it by telling myself I'm of more use to them alive and at home.


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