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Thursday, December 1, 2011

We can win.

There are those who find the principles embodied in the Declaration to be incompatible with the Constitution.  I do not agree.  I take the position that the Constitution, if implemented as ratified, by moral men who believe in the principles of the Declaration and Bill of Rights, is the finest guide ever constructed for the implementation of Government, which is a necessary evil.

As ratified means strong sovereign States unified by an inferior central government that has been granted finite powers and expressly forbidden many acts that infringe Liberty.

What we have today is a perversion of the intent of the Founders.

I dismiss the post hoc ergo propter hoc argument that the Constitution was drafted by evil men with evil intent, and that what we have today was by some grand design.

I also take the position that those of us who believe in Liberty can win this fight.  We can return genuine Liberty to every aspect of our country.  We can return to the republic that was intended.  And we can do it in our lifetime.

That is where I am headed.  I will not quit until we are victorious or I am dead.

We are few.  Not only are we outnumbered by ideological enemies, but also those lazy FSA parasites who would rather eat the bread that has been stolen from the mouths of your children.  We are also outnumbered by those who just don't care about anything beyond the tip of their own noses.

But we can win.

Captain John Parker and about 80 men stood their ground when the Enemies of Liberty marched.

All it takes is courage, a goal, and a prudent plan to reach that goal.

And a few men like John Parker who are willing to take point...

...and a few more at his shoulder, ready to cover his back.

You and I have courage.

You and I have a goal: Restore the Constitution.

Prudent plan?  I have one, and my plan keeps our country together, without surrendering a single inch to Enemies of Liberty.  They don't deserve one bit of this country.

The Enemies of Liberty can STFU, leave, or face the penalty of trying to enslave men who have an aversion to the weight of chains.  Any man who would take your Liberty (or the bread from your child's mouth) does not deserve to be treated as a human being.

Yes, it will take a lot of hard work.

That's where I am headed.



  1. the Constitution was drafted by evil men with evil intent, and that what we have today was by some grand design.

    Just about the most idiotic one I've ever heard.

  2. Well, it's possible. The U.S. Army has war gamed several "Bubbba Militia against the mighty Fedgov and the Pentagon" scenarios. At least one scenario gamed included thermonuclear strikes on rebellious population centers. Most interesting part which I'm trying to verify: It appears in every scenario gamed so far, Bubba Militia wins. Even against nukes. Every time.

  3. STOP!! For 30 years, I have made mountains into mole hills. You rant about the constitution. You rant about the bill of rights. You rant.
    A man can have what he can take. He can keep what he can hold. The world is as it has been since the begining. Man will never change the order of things. Man lives in fear and thrives in chaos. Man was created to be a servant, but he has the power to be a god. Those we chose to serve us decided they were gods. Lazy. How can you own land? It was here before, it will be here after. It's all about stacking marbles. Yes, Winter is coming. There will be survivors. A few. GOD does not love you. HE loves HIS creation.

  4. Hey anon,
    We're his creation also. I'll say a prayer for ya.



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